Nothing feels like snow

Discover Victoria’s snow resorts this winter and experience a holiday like no other.


If visiting the snow is new to you, we’re here to help you plan your trip to Victoria’s snow resorts. Whether you’re ready to give skiing or snowboarding a try, or just build a snowman, you’ll find everything you need right here to begin planning your dream winter getaway.


You know the feeling – there really is nothing like the wonder of snow. If you’re thinking about another trip, this site will help you reacquaint yourself with planning your visit to Victoria’s snow resorts. A world of snowy fun is waiting for you this winter – we’ll see you on the slopes!

Snow Victoria First Timers Guide

If you’re a first timer to the Victorian snow, we know you’ll have lots of questions about hitting the mountain resorts. Check out our First Timers Guide for tips on when to go, what to pack, road and weather conditions, the gear you’ll need and most importantly, everything you can do when you get here so you have the best possible experience with your family and friends

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