It’s true what they say – the journey can be just as good as the destination! One thing you can be sure of when you visit the Victorian snow resorts is that the drive to get there will be beautiful. Rolling hills, wide open plains, stunning alpine valleys and the final climb up the mountain – around every bend is a new adventure.

Once you arrive at your chosen resort, you’ll need to pay close attention to the staff who will assist you to park your vehicle and access the village and snow. Car parks are often located below or away from the village or slopes, so you will need to hop on a free shuttle bus or paid over-snow transport vehicle, which differs depending on how long you’re staying, what you’ve brought with you and where you’re heading.

It is best to check parking and transport arrangements with your destination before you arrive – in most cases you’ll also be able to pre-purchase any paid fares so you’ll be ready to ride once you get there.